What does a creative do at Uber?
Pretty much what a creative does in an agency: get to the best idea. Sometimes that’s coming up with the idea myself, or with a team underneath me. It could be collaborating with an agency on the work, or creative directing an agency, from a brief I developed with our marketing teams. I also attend a few more meetings than when I worked in an advertising agency, but we get a lot more snacks.
Uber Pit Stops: A place to go when you need to go
Pitched an idea that changed the driver app. So now every driver in the US gets directions, and access to a toilet, whenever they need one.
Fun fact: Before advertising I had a job driving a recycling truck. Having an app that gave me access and directions to a toilet would have taken so much stress out of my day.
My role: Creative.
International Space Station Delivery
Yes, with Uber Eats we actually delivered food to the crew in the International Space Station. For reals. Spaaaaace! Thanks goes to Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (who also personally delivered the food) for the initial thought to take the brand into space. We enlisted our agency partner Special Group to create the advertising campaign assets.
Fun fact: This one made it into Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue on the Tonight Show.
My role: Creative direction.
Donde acabes depende de ti. Súbete | Uber
Where you end up is up to you. Jump In | Uber
Created this new platform for Uber mobility in Spain. The campaign platform, and scripts were created by our internal team, and we enlisted our agency partner Mono to help produce the film.
Fun fact: The goose chase scene was inspired by a ferret Helen and I followed down an alleyway in Osaka.
My role: Creative. Creative direction.
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