What does it take to deliver a package to James Bond?
DHL asked us to advertise their partnership with the James Bond film, No Time To Die. Except we weren’t allowed to use Daniel Craig. So, instead we told a simple DHL delivery story. From point A to point B... but point B was the iconic Aston Martin DB5 –featured in 8 Bond films– that was in the middle of an intense car chase. To make this possible we worked with a great team of people –who share our love of explosions– including director Adam Berg, Linus Sandgren who was also the DOP on No Time To Die, as well as some of the key stunt crew from No Time To Die.
Our role: Lead creative team. Led the project from concepting, writing, art direction, development of the project, through to production on set, and post-production.
Fun fact: the internal agency brief was “absolutely, under no circumstances present us any action scripts.”
Cannes Lions - Film - Consumer services - Business to business - Shortlist
ONE SHOW - Moving Image Craft - Direction - Merit
ONE SHOW - Moving Image Craft - Cinematography - Merit

ONE SHOW - Moving Image Craft - Production Design - Shortlist
CLIO - Film craft / direction - Silver
British Arrows - Arrows - Financial and business services - Nomination
tish Arrows - Craft- Cinematography - Nomination
Epica - Corporate Image - Silver
Epica - Post production & visual effects - Silver
Epica - Best use of music - Shortlist

CICLOPE - Direction (Under 90 seconds) - Finalist
Kinsale Shark Award - Advertising Film - Utilities, Energy Providers, Post - shortlist
Kinsale Shark Award - Film craft - best art direction/production design - shortlist
Kinsale Shark Award - Film craft - cinematography - shortlist
SAN - Service - Shortlist

Director - Adam Berg
Executive Producer - Sara Wallace
Producer - Ben Croker
DOP - Linus Sandgren
1st AD - Tony Fernandes
Edit House - Trim
Editor - Paul Hardcastle

Post House - MPC
VFX Supervisor - Alex Lovejoy
Colour Grading - Jean-Clement Soret
Post Producer - Kayleigh Dugdale

Sound Design - Phaze London
Engineers - Matthew Collinge and Rob Weatherall 
Sound Mix - Grand Central
Engineer - Gary Turnbull
Behind The Scenes
Hear from the stunt crew what's involved in creating a stunt heavy production like this, and still be able to return the very expensive vehicles back to their owners.
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