What does a creative lead do inside adidas?
As an agency creative I describe my role as taking what the client wants to say and saying it in a way that people want to hear it. 
As an internal creative I’m working with the business (adidas) to figure out what we want to do, then what we want to say about what we’re doing, then how to say it in a way that people want to hear it, and then how we evolve what we did and so on and so on. 
That means I’m doing everything from creating service functions, UX flows, user testing and research, naming, membership integration, web builds, app builds, 3rd party supplier scope, future functions proposals, interactivity design, co-creation, evergreen comms, campaign comms, resourcing, and also managing direct reports and project teams, hiring, and putting on industry events with The Diversity Collective.
Not every role inside adidas is like this. But my role gives me the flexibility to stretch into whatever role a project needs. And access to projects like launching our sustainability services, work with SNAP to integrate AR in app, or propose an automated workflow for Partner Content Creation.
Give Back (service)
On this project I helped develop and launch a new platform for people to send back their used clothes. 
This is one of those projects that makes working in a client-side internal agency worthwhile. Having input at the business proposal stage meant I could suggest our Give Back service make things super easy for humans by expanding the service function to take back shoes and clothes for any brands–instead of just adidas items–and in any condition–to really keep more gear out of landfills. My team and I worked closely with teams across the business as the service was developed to include payment in membership points and gift vouchers then how it would live in the adidas digital ecosystem and then the final user journey.
And, when it came to advertising this service I worked closely to develop the strategy and pitch an unexpected idea. The underpinning insight was that people didn’t need one more brand telling them that the world is doomed, they needed a disarmingly accessible and non-judgemental solution for all the clothes and shoes they're done with. So for the first time in a long time–adidas embraced a little humour.
Fun fact: I jumped into the sound booth for some of the single story edits
My role: Creative & Creative Direction. Input on the business structure. Development of the strategic insight. Ideation. Creative development and supervision.... mostly making sure the scripts were funny without being demeaning to women. Supervision of the digital user experience. Crafting the work in the post-production stage.
Made To Be Remade (product + service)
For Made To Be Remade I was asked to figure out all the touch points needed for a new circular service and any tactical moments to target to encourage behaviour change, then create content for them. 
Made To Be Remade isn't just a product that has been designed to be easily recycled (which legal says we can't say btw) it's also a service and community for sustainability activists. It is the first service where adidas enabled large scale product return which meant radical changes to internal logistics and member communication style. In other words it was a fun challenge!
Fun fact: To humanise the CGI process videos all the sound effects are made by mouth.
My role: Creative & Creative Direction. Ideation. Development of the CG videos and supervision of content development.
Rental (service)
My role on this project was mainly managerial support to safeguard the creative idea. However at one point additional social assets were briefed so I acted as both the Creative Director and the support designer to my direct report. It was a really fun exercise to play so many different roles on a project.
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